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Ronnie Brown – Restless Souls


Release date 24/1/23

‘A real page-turner from beginning to end!’ (Amazon)

‘Each step of the story is conveyed with an excellent set of characters deftly drawn. I feel like I’ve seen Penny, Dove and Periwinkle drinking in my local pub! The narrative is engrossing and the finale a satisfying conclusion. I’m very much looking forward to the next novel to reveal further exploits of Penny and co.’ – Mark Hadlett

‘An original and intriguing plotline with fascinating characters having you wanting more of Penny, Dove and Periwinkle.’ – D. Hudson

‘Excellent read. An elaborate plot that kept me guessing to the end.’ – Annie Milner

Russell Wate – Greed is a Powerful Motive: Alexander McFarlane Series


“The storyline of a traditional ‘whodunnit’ with the twists and tribulations of an overseas justice system made this book a great read.”

“Well written, easy to read and a book you can’t put down.”

“Russell’s experience as a detective made the book more realistic and the reader felt secure that the author knew what he was talking about making the fiction reality.”

Russell Wate – Missing But Not Lost


Release date 25/10/22

“The plot was interesting and there was enough tension to keep me interested until the end.”

“The characters are well-rounded, the plot is believable, and page-turning, so I would recommend this to anyone wanting a good read.”

“Several plot twists it managed to keep me guessing until the end.”

Sam Catling – Seems Like Smooth Sailing


‘This book is a fun filled memoir of the author in which he has written his adventures about the highs and lows of working on a cruiseship as an entertainer.’

‘It’s definitely not a typical type of memoir, if you are looking for something amazing, interesting with a pop of life and colors, it’s a must read.’

‘It’s a feel good, fresh story and once you start reading this book there is no way you’re going to put it down easily.’

Sarah T. Wright – Anna’s F-Plan


Released 25/10/22

“I absolutely loved this book! It is an easy, uplifting read filled with witty humour and lots of laugh out loud moments.”

“There are also messages of hope, self belief and empowering others. A fantastic debut.”

“I adored this book. It’s beautifully written. Funny, quirky, warm and full of heart.”

Sharon Cracknell – Secret Lands, Petrol Clams and a Bagful of Bolivar


‘From the thrilling nail biting start in Venezuela, through the secretive country of North Korea to vibrant Cuba, Sharon writes in a way which makes you feel like you are there with her.’

‘Her engaging style draws one in and I was there, with her, totally immersed in the traumas and horrors as they were unfolding.’

‘Gripping, funny and informative, this book is a must read. I would definitely recommend it. The best read in a long time.’

Shaun Wallace – Chasing the Dream


‘An excellent read. I highly recommend Shaun’s autobiography and loved his writing style.’

‘Shauns story is one that inspires. Seeing him on the chase gives the impression of someone who has arrived but to know the struggle behind the success is truly inspiring.‘

‘It was a riveting story from beginning to end in the life of a barrister and a quiz master. Highly recommend that people read it.’

Sheldon Baverstock – One Black Ear


‘I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns in the book and in the end was left with a sense of promise of things to come.’

‘It was a positive uplifting story of the courage it takes to march to the beat of your own drum and live your best life. Definitely worth a read!’

‘A nice combination reflecting insight into the transformation of South Africa, within the complexity of family emotions. The novel allows you to actually visualize the scene, which is powerful.’