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Keith Rylands-Bolton – Trying Times for Sebastian Scattergood


Release date 24/01/23

‘Humour, heritage, hubris and heart-wrenching hair-splitting combine in this touching and very funny novel.’

‘Witty, engaging and very entertaining. I couldn’t put it down.’

‘Sharp and moving. A love letter to the English countryside. A heart warming read.’

Kelly O’Flaherty – Cuts and Bruises


Released 24/5/22

“This was breathtaking, heartbreaking yet soothing to the heart all at once. The bond between the two main characters is unforgettable.”

“A heartbreaking & poignant story.
It’s a reminder to be kind to yourself and others. We never know the struggles someone is facing.”

“Powerful, strong and devasting. This book is amazingly written, with exciting plots. It has certainly took me on a roller coaster ride!”

L J Jenner – The Wrong Story


Release date 23/5/23

‘The writing creates a rich world for you through Maggie’s eyes. The blur between reality and interpretation leaves you with questions.’

‘Very interesting seeing from psychotherapist’s viewpoint. Total page turner and much enjoyed.’

‘I found The Wrong Story so illuminating and powerful that I binge read it – twice! It talks to the human condition, the tangled web inside our heads that can be both relieved and illuminated through therapy.’

Lindsey Erith – Mary Florida. A Romance.


Released 26/7/22

“The way it is written drags you into the story, and always wondering the outcome – every page.”

“A most enjoyable action packed read with a very satisfying conclusion.”

“An insightful and delightful novel from a promising new author.”

Lizzy Shortall – Joy’s Playground


“My two daughters who are 6 and 7 absolutely love this book. They ask to read it every night before bed. The characters are so easy to relate too.”

“Kids and grown-ups alike will benefit from this sweet story!”

“The book is easy for little ones to take in but its filled with so many helpful tools that bring self awareness and help children deal & process challenging emotions.”

Malcolm Sweetlove – Greenbank Primary: First Aid Brought to Life


“The book provides essential guidance about potentially life saving first aid, in a fun and accessible way for children. Whole heartedly recommend.”

“This book is excellent, takes a topic that some would find uninteresting and makes it fun to learn and read the different stories. Great for children but adults will learn a lot too.”

“This is a rare book that manages to be seriously informative whilst being engaging and entertaining.” 

Marina R.B – Crystal Tear


Available 26/04/22

“This book has you questioning everything and leaves you wanting more.”

“The writing is easy to read and the main characters of Fada, Angel and Netis are interesting.
A good foundation to build on.”

“A great and fast fantasy read. Intriguing romances and journeys. Overall a very enjoyable fantasy read.”

Mark Dutton – Mrs PJ Wigglesworth: The Dancing Spy


‘Great read, thoroughly enjoyed it. Very clever how the species of birds were described by the author. Humorous in parts and lovely illustrations. Definitely recommend this to adults and older children too.’

‘Clever alternative reality and use of subject names. A childrens book for all ages to enjoy.’

‘Fantastic story, very imaginative. My son couldn’t put it down!!’