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Neil Coley – The Cold Distance


Release date 28/03/23

‘An engaging novel with more than one intriguing mystery at its core.’

‘I was so gripped by the story I devoured it in no time.’

‘As a nice touch all of the chapters have song titles in the headings and there’s a playlist at the back of the book. An interesting crime/mystery/historical slice of life.’

Nick Van Loy – Insomnia


Released 26th Jan 2021

“Insomnia is a nail-biting, world twisting, sleepless read in which can be devoured in one sitting alone.”

“It’s a story with unexpected twists leading to a surprising ending. A must read if you like suspenseful thrillers with a flair of mystery.”

“If you’re looking forward to getting a book that keeps your attention from head to toe and makes you experience different feelings, from sadness to anger and confusion, then you should totally read it, you won’t regret it.”

Parker J. Duncan – Cellar Door Parallax


Release date 22/8/23

“This book really is epic and is full of action, unexpected battles, immortal beings, demons and mutant monsters, witchcraft and magic.”

“This dystopian fantasy book was action-packed, with continuous unexpected twists and turns.”

“This book has it all.”

Parker J. Duncan – Winds of the Immortals


‘I found this book to be a fun and engaging read with characters I could relate to.’

‘I thought this book was awesome. Having visited many of the settings in the book I thought the descriptions were excellent. Not to mention, there was a huge amount of variety in the settings too, keeping things interesting!’

‘Great read, well worth your time.’

Peter Wise – Disturbing the Water: Thirteen original ghost stories concerning fish, fishing and fishy places


Release date 31/10/2023

“Wry, crisp and compelling.”David Profumo, Country Life

“Disturbing the Water expertly entwines history with fictional ghostly tales, crafting an immersive experience with spine-tingling suspense and supernatural intricacies. A testament to masterful storytelling.”Michelle Fisher, Haunted History Podcast

Wise has managed to create a delightfully creepy, yet mindfully enthralling bundle of stories.” – Chris Coppel, author of Lingering, LifetimesLunacy, and Last Light

“Besides being beautifully told, these stories all have their own inimitable twists in the tail that make them particularly satisfying.”Alex Pearl, author of The Chair Man


Phoebe Sleeman and Alexandra Hart – Alight


Available 29/03/22

“I am praying to all my gods that Alight is the first book in a series that will run and run. If this book doesn’t make it to the silver screen it will be a travesty.”

“Loved every second of reading this book. The plot didn’t let me put the book down.”

“I was immediately hooked. I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone.”

R. N. Cogley – An Inquiry Into Innocence


Release date 23/01/2024

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‘Full of tension, intrigue and a twisting narrative.’ – Stacey Dighton, author of The Hawk and The Raven and The Faraway People.

‘A gripping, intriguing and compelling story.’ – Russell Wate, author of the Alexander McFarlane crime fiction series.

‘A brutal and unforgiving system elegantly portrayed.’ – Simon Marlowe, author of The Dead Hand of Dominique and Medusa and The Devil.

‘A prison drama that raises important questions and keeps the reader guessing right up until the climax.’ – Ben Westwood, author of Green Shoots.

Richard E. Rock – Frenzy Island


Released 25/10/22

“FRENZY ISLAND is a breathtaking, nonstop, Science Fiction Horror which may well upend your worldview! Since I first saw it mentioned, I’ve been desperate to read it, and the novel lived up to its promise.”

“I really did enjoy this fast paced, never ending adrenalin, and spectacular story. Richard E. Rock is a great writer that can fill you with hope and dread by the magic of his words.”

“Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting. The characters are realistic, the storyline is gripping, and the action moves along, taking you with it.”