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"Too many beautifully written books are rejected on a regular basis because the submitting author doesn’t have a strong enough author platform. The barriers for authors are getting higher and the publishing industry less discerning and more unscrupulous. By operating a hybrid publishing model, Cranthorpe Millner can invite authors to publish with us based on the merit of the manuscript alone."

Cranthorpe Millner Publishers is an independent publisher based in Cambridge. Our first big title was Shaun Wallace’s autobiography, Chasing the Dream, which we published October 2018, and now we have a catalogue of just over 100 authors, though our aim is to stay small, releasing between 20-40 titles per year. Strong, positive working relationships with all of our authors is at the core of everything we do.  One of the most important things for us when deciding which authors we would like to work with is the author themselves; a strong manuscript is one thing but the author needs to be proactive, energetic and enthusiastic. Hard work is key; complacency is the death of any manuscript.

The traditional, one-route-only option – that idea of getting published ‘properly’ – has disappeared, and we say good riddance. There are so many different options for authors now which can only be a positive thing. And that’s where we come in.

Cranthorpe Millner operates a hybrid publishing model. This means, should an author pass our editors’ strict filtering system, we can offer different kinds of agreements depending on the author and the manuscript. With some authors we work under a ‘traditional’ model, whereby we cover the full cost of publication and the author is offered industry standard royalties (8-10%). To some authors we offer what we call a partnership or contributory agreement, whereby the author is asked for a financial contribution so that we may share the risk and enter into a partnership together to publish the author’s book. In this case, the author receives around 60-75% royalties.

We endeavour to respond to every author who submits a manuscript to us within three weeks. Should we wish to work with you, you will be contacted by our Acquisitions team to discuss the terms we would like to offer you. Please note, all of our authors receive:


Comprehensive line and developmental editing, in direct consultation with yourself. Text design and layout, typesetting, commissioning illustrations (if appropriate) and cover design. Everything necessary to make your manuscript commercially ready.

Title set-up

eBook conversion, assigning ISBNs, management of the associated bibliographic data, curation of metadata.


Traditional distribution to the trade - all our titles are placed with major distributor CBS and the UK’s largest wholesaler Gardners for swift access to all major retailers (independent bookshops, online retailers like Amazon and bookshop chains like Waterstones). We reach an international market through our relationship with Ingram Content Group.

Marketing & Sales

We carry out marketing activities well in advance of publication using industry-standard communication channels to targeted media in order to secure feature articles, reviews, interviews, author profiles, blogs and signings, and to ensure retailers are able to pre-order your book. Our sales representatives, Compass IPS, play a key role here and will be pitching your book to bookstores from as early as 6 months pre-release.



Kirsty Jackson, Managing Director

Kirsty is Managing Director and Senior Editor. She is passionate about high quality literature and publishing authors whose work deserves to be recognised in the literary world. She brings with her not just an understanding of the competitive book world, but also a compassion for authors. Honest, strong and positive relationships with all our authors is the most important thing to her.


David Hahn, Chairman

David is our Chairman. Having worked for Sky TV and as a recording engineer for the likes of CBS, DJM and Apple, he heads up the Celebrity Division of the company. He also brings with him profuse, unrivaled contacts to aid in the all important exposure of Cranthorpe Millner’s authors: the heart, root and soul of the company itself.


Shannon Chapman, Chief Marketing Officer

Shannon is Chief Marketing Officer. She shares a passion for literature and marketing books to the best of their ability. Having worked in the publishing industry for over five years she knows what’s most important for authors and their books. Shannon has qualifications in Social Media Marketing, Business and Branding, as well as graphic design in Photoshop and InDesign.


Victoria Richards, Senior Editor

Vicky is Senior Editor. She began her career editing academic literature and has a wealth of experience editing both fiction and non-fiction alike. She brings with her a conscientious attitude and a desire to help our authors produce their best work, working closely with authors to gently guide them through the early stages of publishing and ensure that their final product is a quality piece of literature.

Lauren Website Photo

Lauren Barnes, Marketing and Publicity Executive

Lauren is our Marketing and Publicity Executive. She loves reading fiction and has a soft spot for fantasy novels! She has a passion for books and marketing and has past experience with social media marketing. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies and a Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of East Anglia, which has developed her knowledge on publicity and the media.


Becca Stevenson, Marketing and Design Executive

Becca is our Marketing and Design Executive. Being passionate about all things books, Becca strives for the best for all the books she works on. Having recently completed a Level 3 Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship at LDN Apprentices, she knows all about what it takes to publish a successful book and she brings a new and informed perspective to the work we do at Cranthorpe Millner.


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