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Simon Marlowe – The Dead Hand of Dominique: The Mason Made Trilogy Book 1


Released 23/11/2021

“The Dead Hand of Dominique is an enjoyable romp through the murky criminal underworld of Essex and London, in the company of some memorable characters.”

“This book was a wild ride. I really enjoyed the mystery of it all. I loved how I never knew who I could or couldn’t trust in this story. And the ending was perfect.”

“Excellent book, couldn’t put it down. Good twists throughout, but especially near the end. Highly recommended.”

Stacey Dighton – The Faraway People


Release date 31/10/2023

‘Insane, claustrophobic and gloriously creepy. Dighton has crafted a tale of dark, pervasive horror that I couldn’t put down. The first tendrils of insanity tease the reader early on but by the wonderfully bonkers climax, the author gives us both barrels.’ – Chris Coppel, author of Lingering, LifetimesLunacy, and Last Light

Sue Birley – Travels with a Brompton in the Cévennes and other regions


Available now!

“Sue Birley has written a tale of great charm and frankly of daunting endurance. Faced with the near impossibility of getting ‘big bikes’ on Eurostar and French trains, our author arrived at the logically unassailable if entirely batty decision to use that famed folder, the Brompton. I recommend this delightful book to anyone who believes that the journey is the destination and that gentle (and often uphill) adventure is the stuff of life.” 

Hugh Dancy, actor

Tai Le Grice – Between Dusk and Dawn


‘The plot flows naturally, and paired with a beautiful prose makes it unputdownable.’

‘Grice’s writing is mesmerising and I couldn’t put the book down. I felt the plot was really unique and interesting and a good change to books that have the same themes, just executed different.’

‘Dusk & Dawn pulls on your heart strings as you fall in love for these two broken boys fate can’t help but keep apart.’

Tai Le Grice – Smoke and Water


‘A powerful LGBTQ tale about embracing who you are.’

‘A well written story of loss and love.’

‘A quick, diverse, enjoyable read full of romance, great characters and adorable grandparents!’

Tony Estrella – Comatose


“Great storytelling and interesting plot” – Dan Kogan, Healthcare Founder and Technologist


“The fear or mortality made so tangible, the tease of alternative therapies and AI offering a sliver of hope in the not too distant future” – Pin Kwok, Asia Executive and Entrepreneur


“Cinematic quality, visually full of delicious details” – Li-Anne Huang, Venture Capitalist & Filmmaker

Tony McHale – Edge of Civilisation


Available now!

“Absolutely blown away with the read!”

“I really enjoyed this book and found it quite a quick read. It hooked me from the start and was incredibly well written and mysterious.”

“Terrific read. Keeps you on the edge all the way through till the twist near the end.”