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Geoffrey Seed – Death in a Time of Conspiracy


Release date 28/03/23

‘This is a book for those who seek three-dimensional characters and fine writing as well as the thrill of the chase.’

‘This is a complex novel, meticulously crafted. A slow burn that will hook you in.’

‘Thrilling, chilling and utterly absorbing. Elegantly-written, sublime phrasing and yes, Death In A Time of Conspiracy comes in at a lengthy 420 pages but not one of them is wasted. It took my breath away.’

Jack Salva – Dybbuk’s Asylum (A Knowledge Reclamators Novel)


‘I turned to the last page of this book and immediately wanted to read more about this world.’

‘The dialog flows nicely allowing the reader to fall into conversations happening in the best possible way.’

‘I really enjoyed this book. I would recommend it for people who are looking for a new perspective on writing styles in a steampunk novel full of adventure.’

Jacqueline Puchtler – World War II Flying Stories


“What a great collection of short stories. Each one is full of action and is well written.”

“A highly effective and enjoyable way for the reader to learn some history.”

“Great research! The author truly puts the reader in the pilot’s seat through all the tragedy and triumph of war.”

James Murdo – Echoes of Gravity: Tapache’s Promise Trilogy Book 1


released 29/6/21

“The novel picked up so much steam and I was on such a journey. I didn’t realize that I read through it so quickly and I want more.”

“I utterly enjoyed reading Echoes of Gravity. The adventure I was taken on was captivating & I am very excited to read the sequel!”

“The twists and turns had me turning the pages and not wanting to put it down! And that ending was a heart stopper! Brilliant work!”