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Vianne Max – Anahera


Released 24th May 2022

“Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed this book! Full of creativity, imagination, magic, tension, romance, intriguing characters, enigmatic settings and a page-turning plot.”

“Great descriptions of the senses, including playlist recommendations, as Isabella navigates this magical and frightening world.”

“I’m incredibly intrigued by the entire world that Vianne Max has created and I can’t wait to see more of it.”

Yona Bouskila – The Unthinkable Truth


Release date 28/05/2024

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“MUST READ. INCREDIBLE … PREPARE TO HAVE THOUGHT PROVOKED.” – David Powers, author and professor of computer and cognitive science

“PACY AND EXCITING … WHILE MAKING YOU THINK.” – Matt Graydon, author and journalist

“A SOLID WRITER WITH A SOLID HOOK.” Douglas E. Richards, New York Times bestselling author of Mind’s Eye