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The Runaway Man cover

Kelley Tantau: The Runaway Man


Release date 26/09/23

“A must-read for those who appreciate exceptional writing and profound character development.”

“It’s very well written and an immersive story with a satisfactory ending that can also be open to interpretation.”

“A heartfelt story that beautifully interweaves the raw human experience amidst its thrilling plot.”

L J Jenner – The Wrong Story


Release date 23/5/23

‘The writing creates a rich world for you through Maggie’s eyes. The blur between reality and interpretation leaves you with questions.’

‘Very interesting seeing from psychotherapist’s viewpoint. Total page turner and much enjoyed.’

‘I found The Wrong Story so illuminating and powerful that I binge read it – twice! It talks to the human condition, the tangled web inside our heads that can be both relieved and illuminated through therapy.’

Lindsey Erith – Mary Florida. A Romance.


Released 26/7/22

“The way it is written drags you into the story, and always wondering the outcome – every page.”

“A most enjoyable action packed read with a very satisfying conclusion.”

“An insightful and delightful novel from a promising new author.”

Marina R.B – Crystal Tear


Available 26/04/22

“This book has you questioning everything and leaves you wanting more.”

“The writing is easy to read and the main characters of Fada, Angel and Netis are interesting.
A good foundation to build on.”

“A great and fast fantasy read. Intriguing romances and journeys. Overall a very enjoyable fantasy read.”

Mya Roberts – Song of the Sea


Release date 22/11/22

“This was my first book to read by this author but won’t be my last! The story and its characters will stick with you long after you finish the story. Highly recommend!”

“It felt true to the time-period and I was glad to read this. Mya Roberts has a great writing style and a knack for the historical fiction.”

“I love historical fiction and this incredibly well researched book is one I can thoroughly recommend!”

Neil Coley – The Cold Distance


Release date 28/03/23

‘An engaging novel with more than one intriguing mystery at its core.’

‘I was so gripped by the story I devoured it in no time.’

‘As a nice touch all of the chapters have song titles in the headings and there’s a playlist at the back of the book. An interesting crime/mystery/historical slice of life.’

Nick Van Loy – Insomnia


Released 26th Jan 2021

“Insomnia is a nail-biting, world twisting, sleepless read in which can be devoured in one sitting alone.”

“It’s a story with unexpected twists leading to a surprising ending. A must read if you like suspenseful thrillers with a flair of mystery.”

“If you’re looking forward to getting a book that keeps your attention from head to toe and makes you experience different feelings, from sadness to anger and confusion, then you should totally read it, you won’t regret it.”

Parker J. Duncan – Cellar Door Parallax


Release date 22/8/23

“This book really is epic and is full of action, unexpected battles, immortal beings, demons and mutant monsters, witchcraft and magic.”

“This dystopian fantasy book was action-packed, with continuous unexpected twists and turns.”

“This book has it all.”