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Ayshea Ahmed – The Wonderful World of Madge Gill


“The authors sensitivity and empathy for Madge Gill makes this a delightful read as well as showing great respect and appreciation for the subject. Ayshea Ahmed’s book is very accessible and is for all ages, and definitely suitable for those who wish they knew more about art.”

“A truly magical find, I highly recommend to art lovers and those curious about artists and their work.”

“This book gives a fantastic insight into the life of Madge Gill and all the moments that inspired her beautiful and intricate artistic creations. The illustrations complement the story perfectly and really help you to imagine what happened at each stage of her life. Highly recommend!”

Ben Westwood – Green Shoots


Release date 27/9/22

“If a debut novel can have such a WOW factor, I am eager to see what Ben will write next.”

“The book is fast paced, captivating and I read it within 24 hours. A really enjoyable book.”

“A fast moving thriller that builds at a steady pace and keeps you guessing as more and more unfolds.
Once you get into it you won’t want to put it down until you find all the answers.”

Brenda Burling – Deceived

“Brenda has created a storyline that is original and intriguing. It kept me interested from the very beginning.”

“Brenda Burling has written a beautiful book that will leave the readers in tears, but with a smile upon their faces.”

“I was engulfed in the story from beginning to end and read it in one sitting. The book was written fantastically.”

Cate Cullington – The Stones


‘A great story that felt like it came straight from the police crime files!’ – @rhirhireader

‘Issues such as relationships and mental health play an important role in this book. I found this to be a great read full of mystery, crime and family drama.’ – @thatbookishfangirl

‘The Stones is a modern day thriller you won’t be able to put down. Unexpected twists, tension and raw emotion is what will be brought to you upon reading this book!’ – @the.b00kreader


Catherine Bloor – Soul of a Raven – The Fate of London Stone


Release date 24/01/23

‘I really enjoyed this story as it had a good balance of magic and mystery. The story itself was gothic, with its supernatural aspects along with its past-present timeline.’

‘This is a fantastic debut novel and the perfect blend of magic, mystery and historical fiction.’

‘The atmosphere is really spot-on in this story as are the well-written characters.’

Celia Berggreen – Counting in Danish


Release date 28/05/2024

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‘A heart-rending portrayal of family, love, betrayal and grief.’ – L J Jenner, author of The Wrong Story
‘A highly recommended coming-of-age story following a grieving, surviving twin on a journey.’ – NetGalley Reviewer

Chris Coppel – Last Light: A Collection of Short Stories


Release date 26/09/23

“Good characterisation, clever ideas, original premises, and brilliant writing!”

“A lot of these stories have concepts that are so enthralling and unique it leaves you begging for more from Chris Coppel.”

“If you’re looking for stories that produce goosebumps, then “Last light” for sure will do that and more.”

Chris Coppel – Latency


Release date 25/06/2024

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‘Coppel once again delivers a sharp, contemporary thriller with a heavy dose of the supernatural thrown in.’ – Stacey Dighton, author of The Faraway People

‘A demonic, growling, gruelling tale.’ – Simon Marlowe, author of the Mason Made trilogy

‘Gripped me from start to finish.’ – Russell Wate, author of the DCI McFarlane series

‘Police procedural expertly interwoven with the paranormal horror genre. Unputdownable…’ – Lucy Ghose, author of The Poison Balance

‘An excellent police procedural combined with bone chilling horror… Described so vividly that you see the action as you read it.’ – NetGalley reviewer

Chris Coppel – Lifetimes


Release date 27/9/22

“Loved this sequel to Legacy!! The plot was full of energy and emotion and the well fleshed out characters were easy to root for.”

“Fast paced and well sculpted, this is a horror story that rises to the top of the genre. Chris Coppel reinforces his stature and talent as an author with the gift!”

“Highly recommended and a well-deserved five stars from me.”