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Alexandra Kendall – A Dazzle of Poplars


‘This is a great story for anyone who enjoys a bit of art culture, some spooky vibes, a heavy dark take on violence and a splash of romance to lighten the mood. It literally had it all.’

‘A great love story that twists and turns with drama and intrigue.’

‘I couldn’t put it down! Part romance, part thriller, part ghost story, this novel skilfully combines myriad threads to make for a great story.’

DJG Palmer – A Rougher Task (Babanango, #1)


Release date 28/05/2024

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‘A treasure; well-researched, carefully crafted, and lovingly told. I can’t wait for Albert and Jack’s next adventure.’ Deb Stratas, author of the Kingston Sisters WWII Historical Fiction series

A story that is sure to stir up a blend of emotions within every reader.’ R. N. Cogley, author of An Inquiry Into Innocence

Johanna Nield – New Beginnings


‘This book grabbed me from the word “go,” and I couldn’t put it down until the very end.’

‘After reading this I no longer shy away from the title ‘Romance’. This story is full of strength and hope.’

‘I really struggled to put this book down!’

Lindsey Erith – Mary Florida. A Romance.


Released 26/7/22

“The way it is written drags you into the story, and always wondering the outcome – every page.”

“A most enjoyable action packed read with a very satisfying conclusion.”

“An insightful and delightful novel from a promising new author.”

Mya Roberts – Song of the Sea


Release date 22/11/22

“This was my first book to read by this author but won’t be my last! The story and its characters will stick with you long after you finish the story. Highly recommend!”

“It felt true to the time-period and I was glad to read this. Mya Roberts has a great writing style and a knack for the historical fiction.”

“I love historical fiction and this incredibly well researched book is one I can thoroughly recommend!”