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Andrea Montgomery – The Banana Road


‘The Banana Road is an engaging and lively account of what it’s really like to up sticks and move to Tenerife. A fascinating cast of characters, both human and animal, make for an entertaining read that will appeal to anyone who’s ever drifted off in the sunshine dreaming of extending their holiday on this subtropical island.’
Helen Ochyra, travel writer and author of Scotland Beyond the Bagpipes;

‘Andrea Montgomery is inspiring, bold and courageous in her life and in her writing. This is a remarkable story, told with wit and warmth. You won’t be able to put ‘The Banana Road’ down once you start it.’
Helen Mort, author of Black Car Burning

Ash Watson – Because Japan


‘I enjoyed following the experiences and found the flow and context of the book up to date and full of relatable experiences.’

‘I cannot recommend this enough. You won’t be disappointed.’

‘The author offers his best and honest observations of the Japanese culture with funny, honest and light-hearted stories that will keep you asking for more. Highly recommend!’

Ayshea Ahmed – The Wonderful World of Madge Gill


“The authors sensitivity and empathy for Madge Gill makes this a delightful read as well as showing great respect and appreciation for the subject. Ayshea Ahmed’s book is very accessible and is for all ages, and definitely suitable for those who wish they knew more about art.”

“A truly magical find, I highly recommend to art lovers and those curious about artists and their work.”

“This book gives a fantastic insight into the life of Madge Gill and all the moments that inspired her beautiful and intricate artistic creations. The illustrations complement the story perfectly and really help you to imagine what happened at each stage of her life. Highly recommend!”

Christel Holst-Sande Cowdrey – How to Fire Your Husband in Easy Steps: A Miraculous Divorce!


Release date 21/02/23

‘I liked the personal style of the book; it felt conversational in parts and there were lots of anecdotes supporting the authors views, opinions and advice.’

‘Christel’s book shows how to best navigate a difficult, sometimes challenging situation, into a manageable meaningful one, that has long term benefits for you and those closest to you! A must read!’

‘A captivating read delivered beautifully focusing on the power of letting go.’

D. Lawrence-Young – Wicked Women Of Yore: Were They Really Wicked?


Release date 13/12/22

“I found this book an enticing read, filled with facts and interesting commentary that remained unbiased. The images within were also a nice surprise that added faces to the names of the women in question.”

“I really enjoyed getting to read biographies about women I knew and some I didn’t.”

“I love true crime and so I was keen to read and review this book and it didn’t disappoint.”

Jo Painter – Good Enough


‘I particularly loved the Client Stories and the Self-Coaching Activities at the end of each chapter which allowed you to delve much deeper. I’d definitely recommend!’

‘A good read that adds perspective to many situations encountered by women in the workplace…and outside of the workplace too. Great practical advice.’

‘I highly recommend this book.’