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Anne Callanan – Dominic’s Park


Release date 23/08/22

“I truly enjoyed the twists and how gripping it was. I think the author’s writing style made this flow effortlessly.”

“The plot is delivered with an intensity that keeps the page turning consistent to the end. Looking forward to seeing more from this author in the future.”

“It was hard to leave this book down, the end of each chapter leaves you wanting more.”

Brenda Burling – Deceived

“Brenda has created a storyline that is original and intriguing. It kept me interested from the very beginning.”

“Brenda Burling has written a beautiful book that will leave the readers in tears, but with a smile upon their faces.”

“I was engulfed in the story from beginning to end and read it in one sitting. The book was written fantastically.”

Cate Cullington – The Stones


‘A great story that felt like it came straight from the police crime files!’ – @rhirhireader

‘Issues such as relationships and mental health play an important role in this book. I found this to be a great read full of mystery, crime and family drama.’ – @thatbookishfangirl

‘The Stones is a modern day thriller you won’t be able to put down. Unexpected twists, tension and raw emotion is what will be brought to you upon reading this book!’ – @the.b00kreader


D.C. Lewens – Leaping into the Unknown


Released 23/8/22

“A great read with some superb cliff hangers. Kept me guessing until the end.” – Amazon Reviewer.

“Thoroughly enjoyable drama with an intriguing storyline and moments of tension.” – Amazon Reviewer.

“A must read.” – Amazon Reviewer.

Jim Fairfax – The Necklace


Release date 24/01/2023

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this book and reccomend it to anyone who is looking for a good spy thriller.’

‘This is an exciting read, I was swept up in following all the characters and the different locations, and completely missed some of twists coming up.’

‘Excellent thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat as you are transported to various regions of the country as the story unfolds.’

Karen Hamilton-Viall – The Curious Life of Ada Baker


Released 27/9/22

“I loved this book. I was hooked from the first sentence and couldn’t stop reading after that. I can’t wait to read it again.”

“Once I started reading the prologue I was hooked! Ada was a great character and truly relatable in so many ways.”

“The characters worked really well together, and the story had enough twists and turns to keep you guessing.”

The Runaway Man cover

Kelley Tantau: The Runaway Man


Release date 26/09/23

“A must-read for those who appreciate exceptional writing and profound character development.”

“It’s very well written and an immersive story with a satisfactory ending that can also be open to interpretation.”

“A heartfelt story that beautifully interweaves the raw human experience amidst its thrilling plot.”

Neil Coley – The Cold Distance


Release date 28/03/23

‘An engaging novel with more than one intriguing mystery at its core.’

‘I was so gripped by the story I devoured it in no time.’

‘As a nice touch all of the chapters have song titles in the headings and there’s a playlist at the back of the book. An interesting crime/mystery/historical slice of life.’

Nick Van Loy – Insomnia


Released 26th Jan 2021

“Insomnia is a nail-biting, world twisting, sleepless read in which can be devoured in one sitting alone.”

“It’s a story with unexpected twists leading to a surprising ending. A must read if you like suspenseful thrillers with a flair of mystery.”

“If you’re looking forward to getting a book that keeps your attention from head to toe and makes you experience different feelings, from sadness to anger and confusion, then you should totally read it, you won’t regret it.”

Ronnie Brown – Restless Souls


Release date 24/1/23

‘A real page-turner from beginning to end!’ (Amazon)

‘Each step of the story is conveyed with an excellent set of characters deftly drawn. I feel like I’ve seen Penny, Dove and Periwinkle drinking in my local pub! The narrative is engrossing and the finale a satisfying conclusion. I’m very much looking forward to the next novel to reveal further exploits of Penny and co.’ – Mark Hadlett

‘An original and intriguing plotline with fascinating characters having you wanting more of Penny, Dove and Periwinkle.’ – D. Hudson

‘Excellent read. An elaborate plot that kept me guessing to the end.’ – Annie Milner

Simon Marlowe – The Dead Hand of Dominique: The Mason Made Trilogy Book 1


Released 23/11/2021

“The Dead Hand of Dominique is an enjoyable romp through the murky criminal underworld of Essex and London, in the company of some memorable characters.”

“This book was a wild ride. I really enjoyed the mystery of it all. I loved how I never knew who I could or couldn’t trust in this story. And the ending was perfect.”

“Excellent book, couldn’t put it down. Good twists throughout, but especially near the end. Highly recommended.”