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Alexandra Kendall – A Dazzle of Poplars


‘This is a great story for anyone who enjoys a bit of art culture, some spooky vibes, a heavy dark take on violence and a splash of romance to lighten the mood. It literally had it all.’

‘A great love story that twists and turns with drama and intrigue.’

‘I couldn’t put it down! Part romance, part thriller, part ghost story, this novel skilfully combines myriad threads to make for a great story.’

Celia Berggreen – Counting in Danish


Release date 28/05/2024

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‘A heart-rending portrayal of family, love, betrayal and grief.’ – L J Jenner, author of The Wrong Story
‘A highly recommended coming-of-age story following a grieving, surviving twin on a journey.’ – NetGalley Reviewer

Emma Marns – The Walk


Release date 25/7/23

“A beautifully written story that takes you on an emotional journey that keeps you guessing until the very end!”

“The Walk is an exceptional debut novel which inspires anger as well as immense sadness.”

“The Walk is a harrowing story of love, loss, and family. I couldn’t put it down. Beautifully written, you fall in love with the characters instantly.”

Gaye Poole – Edges of Me


Release date 25/06/2024

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‘Captures the essence of the time and pinpoints the tricky area where the professional and personal sit uneasily in the field of mental health care. A fascinating, warm and absorbing story.’ – Jo Brand, comedian, writer, presenter and actress.

‘A heart-rending narrative woven around the tragic thought distortions of a serious mental health disorder.’ – L J Jenner, author of The Wrong Story

‘Heartbreaking and inspiring all at once.’ – NetGalley reviewer

Joan Lewis – Because You Were There


Release date 25/04/23

‘A wonderfully enjoyable read, a novel driven by a finely paced plot and peopled by engaging characters.’

‘Well written, well constructed, an interesting and convincing cast of characters and a plot that draws the reader in.’

‘The story has a light touch with very believable and sometimes humorous characters.’

Julie M Hammond – Hope Became the Enemy


Available 26/04/2022

“This is a compelling story that takes the reader through a rollercoaster journey. It’s the kind of book I picked up and couldn’t put down. The perfect companion for a trip, day in the garden or cozied up on a Sunday!”

“Quite possibly the most gripping, harrowing story I’ve ever read. An unrelenting page-turner”

“A fabulous read. Once you’ve finished it, you want to read more!”

Keith Rylands-Bolton – Trying Times for Sebastian Scattergood


Release date 24/01/23

‘Humour, heritage, hubris and heart-wrenching hair-splitting combine in this touching and very funny novel.’

‘Witty, engaging and very entertaining. I couldn’t put it down.’

‘Sharp and moving. A love letter to the English countryside. A heart warming read.’

L J Jenner – The Wrong Story


Release date 23/5/23

‘The writing creates a rich world for you through Maggie’s eyes. The blur between reality and interpretation leaves you with questions.’

‘Very interesting seeing from psychotherapist’s viewpoint. Total page turner and much enjoyed.’

‘I found The Wrong Story so illuminating and powerful that I binge read it – twice! It talks to the human condition, the tangled web inside our heads that can be both relieved and illuminated through therapy.’

Valediction Records

R. Peter Davies – Valediction Records


Release date 23/01/2024


“A story that’s nourishment for the better parts ourselves. It’s optimistic and warm and we all need some of that.” Claire Lewis, Producer of ‘The Up’ Series of Award-Winning Documentary Films

“Davies packs his story with enough twists, turns and colourful characters to keep the reader hooked until the very last page.” – Colin Hall, Journalist and Author of The Songs The Beatles Gave Away