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Catherine Bloor – Soul of a Raven – The Fate of London Stone


Release date 24/01/23

‘I really enjoyed this story as it had a good balance of magic and mystery. The story itself was gothic, with its supernatural aspects along with its past-present timeline.’

‘This is a fantastic debut novel and the perfect blend of magic, mystery and historical fiction.’

‘The atmosphere is really spot-on in this story as are the well-written characters.’

DJG Palmer – A Rougher Task (Babanango, #1)


Release date 28/05/2024

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‘A treasure; well-researched, carefully crafted, and lovingly told. I can’t wait for Albert and Jack’s next adventure.’ Deb Stratas, author of the Kingston Sisters WWII Historical Fiction series

A story that is sure to stir up a blend of emotions within every reader.’ R. N. Cogley, author of An Inquiry Into Innocence

Jacqueline Puchtler – World War II Flying Stories


“What a great collection of short stories. Each one is full of action and is well written.”

“A highly effective and enjoyable way for the reader to learn some history.”

“Great research! The author truly puts the reader in the pilot’s seat through all the tragedy and triumph of war.”

Jan Stirling Locke – Deception


Release date 25/06/2024

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‘Both a cautionary reminder of the madness of hatred of ‘a people’ and an unabashed romance between two people united by ‘good’.’ Gaye Poole, author of Edges of Me
‘I recommend Deception to any fan of wartime romance and feminist hidden history.’ – DJG Palmer, author of the Babanango series

Lindsey Erith – Mary Florida. A Romance.


Released 26/7/22

“The way it is written drags you into the story, and always wondering the outcome – every page.”

“A most enjoyable action packed read with a very satisfying conclusion.”

“An insightful and delightful novel from a promising new author.”

Mya Roberts – Song of the Sea


Release date 22/11/22

“This was my first book to read by this author but won’t be my last! The story and its characters will stick with you long after you finish the story. Highly recommend!”

“It felt true to the time-period and I was glad to read this. Mya Roberts has a great writing style and a knack for the historical fiction.”

“I love historical fiction and this incredibly well researched book is one I can thoroughly recommend!”