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R. N. Cogley – An Inquiry Into Innocence


Release date 23/01/2024

‘Full of tension, intrigue and a twisting narrative.’ – Stacey Dighton, author of The Hawk and The Raven and The Faraway People.

‘A gripping, intriguing and compelling story.’ – Russell Wate, author of the Alexander McFarlane crime fiction series.

‘A brutal and unforgiving system elegantly portrayed.’ – Simon Marlowe, author of The Dead Hand of Dominique and Medusa and The Devil.

‘A prison drama that raises important questions and keeps the reader guessing right up until the climax.’ – Ben Westwood, author of Green Shoots.

Ronnie Brown – Restless Souls


Release date 24/1/23

‘A real page-turner from beginning to end!’ (Amazon)

‘Each step of the story is conveyed with an excellent set of characters deftly drawn. I feel like I’ve seen Penny, Dove and Periwinkle drinking in my local pub! The narrative is engrossing and the finale a satisfying conclusion. I’m very much looking forward to the next novel to reveal further exploits of Penny and co.’ – Mark Hadlett

‘An original and intriguing plotline with fascinating characters having you wanting more of Penny, Dove and Periwinkle.’ – D. Hudson

‘Excellent read. An elaborate plot that kept me guessing to the end.’ – Annie Milner

Russell Wate – Greed is a Powerful Motive: Alexander McFarlane Series


“The storyline of a traditional ‘whodunnit’ with the twists and tribulations of an overseas justice system made this book a great read.”

“Well written, easy to read and a book you can’t put down.”

“Russell’s experience as a detective made the book more realistic and the reader felt secure that the author knew what he was talking about making the fiction reality.”

Russell Wate – Missing But Not Lost


Release date 25/10/22

“The plot was interesting and there was enough tension to keep me interested until the end.”

“The characters are well-rounded, the plot is believable, and page-turning, so I would recommend this to anyone wanting a good read.”

“Several plot twists it managed to keep me guessing until the end.”

Simon Marlowe – The Dead Hand of Dominique: The Mason Made Trilogy Book 1


Released 23/11/2021

“The Dead Hand of Dominique is an enjoyable romp through the murky criminal underworld of Essex and London, in the company of some memorable characters.”

“This book was a wild ride. I really enjoyed the mystery of it all. I loved how I never knew who I could or couldn’t trust in this story. And the ending was perfect.”

“Excellent book, couldn’t put it down. Good twists throughout, but especially near the end. Highly recommended.”

Tony McHale – Edge of Civilisation


Available now!

“Absolutely blown away with the read!”

“I really enjoyed this book and found it quite a quick read. It hooked me from the start and was incredibly well written and mysterious.”

“Terrific read. Keeps you on the edge all the way through till the twist near the end.”