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A.W. Jackson – Madame Voodoo


Release date 26/09/23

“I can really see this story as being one that allows teens to feel more comfortable in their skin.”

“The mystery aspects were great and the writing structure was well rounded which allowed for an awesome book!”

“Fast paced, well written with a nice mix of danger, sweetness and teen life.”

Anna M. Tusk – A Reverie Tale: Borderlands and Transience (Book One)


Release date 22/08/23

A Reverie Tale is an epic adventure full of magic and mystery.’Marina R B, author of Crystal Tear

‘A great debut novel for fantasy lovers. Imaginary genius.’Claire Hastie, author of the Blackhill Manor series

‘If you’re a Harry Potter fan then you will love Anna M. Tusk’s fantastical story about Fate, Force and friendship.’Sarah. T. Wright, author of Anna’s F-Plan

Claire Hastie – The Guardians of the Athame (Blackhill Manor Series)


‘A vividly, rich experience with an amazing premise to guarantee a special connection with the characters. I was completely enthralled with the story from the beginning.’

‘If you’re looking for thrilling tension, secrets and mystery then I highly recommend this. It’s wonderful.’

‘I loved the theme of strong female characters throughout this book, it set the tone for a great YA read. As part of a series, this was a great character and world building book, full of thrills and tension.’

Kelly O’Flaherty – Cuts and Bruises


Released 24/5/22

“This was breathtaking, heartbreaking yet soothing to the heart all at once. The bond between the two main characters is unforgettable.”

“A heartbreaking & poignant story.
It’s a reminder to be kind to yourself and others. We never know the struggles someone is facing.”

“Powerful, strong and devasting. This book is amazingly written, with exciting plots. It has certainly took me on a roller coaster ride!”

Marina R.B – Crystal Tear


Available 26/04/22

“This book has you questioning everything and leaves you wanting more.”

“The writing is easy to read and the main characters of Fada, Angel and Netis are interesting.
A good foundation to build on.”

“A great and fast fantasy read. Intriguing romances and journeys. Overall a very enjoyable fantasy read.”

Sarah T. Wright – Anna’s F-Plan


Released 25/10/22

“I absolutely loved this book! It is an easy, uplifting read filled with witty humour and lots of laugh out loud moments.”

“There are also messages of hope, self belief and empowering others. A fantastic debut.”

“I adored this book. It’s beautifully written. Funny, quirky, warm and full of heart.”