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Chris Tetreault-Blay – It’s A Long Night for Santa


“A perfect gentle and caring story line that is beautifully illustrated.”

“I found this book delightful! A beautiful illustrated , inexpensive book for children, young and not so young.”

“A wonderful and warm Christmas tale that children will love.”

Chris Tetreault-Blay – It’s a Long Way to the Moon


‘Great book, our kids loved it and were looking forward to other books from this talanted author.’

‘Excellent very well written book. My daughter loves it as does my grandson.’

‘I really loved the story and the writing. The illustrations where really great too.’

Lizzy Shortall – Joy’s Playground


“My two daughters who are 6 and 7 absolutely love this book. They ask to read it every night before bed. The characters are so easy to relate too.”

“Kids and grown-ups alike will benefit from this sweet story!”

“The book is easy for little ones to take in but its filled with so many helpful tools that bring self awareness and help children deal & process challenging emotions.”