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Jonah Rideout – A Rubbish Journey


Release date 25/06/2024

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‘Creative and likely to fire the imagination of young readers.’ – NetGalley reviewer
‘An excellent tool to discuss human impact to the earth, pollution and plastic issues, and how one person can make a difference with the impact of littering.’ – NetGalley reviewer

Mark Dutton – Mrs PJ Wigglesworth: The Dancing Spy


‘Great read, thoroughly enjoyed it. Very clever how the species of birds were described by the author. Humorous in parts and lovely illustrations. Definitely recommend this to adults and older children too.’

‘Clever alternative reality and use of subject names. A childrens book for all ages to enjoy.’

‘Fantastic story, very imaginative. My son couldn’t put it down!!’

Phoebe Sleeman and Alexandra Hart – Alight


Available 29/03/22

“I am praying to all my gods that Alight is the first book in a series that will run and run. If this book doesn’t make it to the silver screen it will be a travesty.”

“Loved every second of reading this book. The plot didn’t let me put the book down.”

“I was immediately hooked. I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone.”