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Anne Callanan – Dominic’s Park


Release date 23/08/22

“I truly enjoyed the twists and how gripping it was. I think the author’s writing style made this flow effortlessly.”

“The plot is delivered with an intensity that keeps the page turning consistent to the end. Looking forward to seeing more from this author in the future.”

“It was hard to leave this book down, the end of each chapter leaves you wanting more.”

Ben Westwood – Green Shoots


Release date 27/9/22

“If a debut novel can have such a WOW factor, I am eager to see what Ben will write next.”

“The book is fast paced, captivating and I read it within 24 hours. A really enjoyable book.”

“A fast moving thriller that builds at a steady pace and keeps you guessing as more and more unfolds.
Once you get into it you won’t want to put it down until you find all the answers.”

Cate Cullington – The Stones


‘A great story that felt like it came straight from the police crime files!’ – @rhirhireader

‘Issues such as relationships and mental health play an important role in this book. I found this to be a great read full of mystery, crime and family drama.’ – @thatbookishfangirl

‘The Stones is a modern day thriller you won’t be able to put down. Unexpected twists, tension and raw emotion is what will be brought to you upon reading this book!’ – @the.b00kreader


Chris Coppel – Last Light: A Collection of Short Stories


Release date 26/09/23

“Good characterisation, clever ideas, original premises, and brilliant writing!”

“A lot of these stories have concepts that are so enthralling and unique it leaves you begging for more from Chris Coppel.”

“If you’re looking for stories that produce goosebumps, then “Last light” for sure will do that and more.”

Chris Coppel – Lunacy


Release date 21/02/23

“If you are looking for an interesting and realistic take on the haunted house horror genre this one is definitely one for you.”

“One of those deliriously unhinged books that looks, feels, and sounds genuinely insane, for all the right creative reasons. Lunacy has everything it takes to become a horror classic.”

“Fast paced and well sculpted, this is a horror story that rises to the top of the genre. Chris Coppel owns the gift!”

Geoffrey Seed – Death in a Time of Conspiracy


Release date 28/03/23

‘This is a book for those who seek three-dimensional characters and fine writing as well as the thrill of the chase.’

‘This is a complex novel, meticulously crafted. A slow burn that will hook you in.’

‘Thrilling, chilling and utterly absorbing. Elegantly-written, sublime phrasing and yes, Death In A Time of Conspiracy comes in at a lengthy 420 pages but not one of them is wasted. It took my breath away.’

Jan Moran Neil – Shakespeare’s Clock


‘I was captivated by the story from the first page. The plot is well constructed and seeds sown early in the novel grow towards a brilliant final denouement.’ 

‘It’s sad, it’s a little dark and it builds immensely up to what I can only describe as an impeccable finale.’

‘Definitely don’t judge this book by it’s vagueness, pick it up and be in for a interesting, emotional journey.’

Jennifer Claywood – While Sleeping


“The plot twists had me soooo shocked I didn’t see it coming, and definitely a page turner I couldn’t put down, Loved how all the different plots all tied up together.”

“Claywood has a wonderful way of slipping in so much added depth to the characters you can’t help but become invested in each of their lives.” 

“The ending surprised me and it’s left in a cliffhanger, that I’m desperate to read the sequel.”

Jeremy Bending – Impulses


Release date 26/09/2023

‘A real page turner; a gripping story based on medical fact. The poignancy of what happens to Brian and his family is overwhelmingly well described, and the book should be widely read for its storyline, which is so relevant to modern medicine.’

– Professor John Wass, Professor of Endocrinology at Oxford University.

Impulses has elements of modern tragedy, moments of revelation, and a tragic change in circumstance.

– Ronnie Brown, author of Restless Souls

‘Short, sharp chapters relentlessly record each new blow dealt, grabbing the reader’s attention and seducing them into reading another chapter. Every new setback reminds us all that we may be closer to the precipice than we realise.’

– Tony Auffret, author of The Death of a Smoker and Unsavoury Business

Jim Fairfax – The Necklace


Release date 24/01/2023

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this book and reccomend it to anyone who is looking for a good spy thriller.’

‘This is an exciting read, I was swept up in following all the characters and the different locations, and completely missed some of twists coming up.’

‘Excellent thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat as you are transported to various regions of the country as the story unfolds.’

The Runaway Man cover

Kelley Tantau: The Runaway Man


Release date 26/09/23

“A must-read for those who appreciate exceptional writing and profound character development.”

“It’s very well written and an immersive story with a satisfactory ending that can also be open to interpretation.”

“A heartfelt story that beautifully interweaves the raw human experience amidst its thrilling plot.”

Neil Coley – The Cold Distance


Release date 28/03/23

‘An engaging novel with more than one intriguing mystery at its core.’

‘I was so gripped by the story I devoured it in no time.’

‘As a nice touch all of the chapters have song titles in the headings and there’s a playlist at the back of the book. An interesting crime/mystery/historical slice of life.’