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Christel Holst-Sande Cowdrey – How to Fire Your Husband in Easy Steps: A Miraculous Divorce!


Release date 21/02/23

‘I liked the personal style of the book; it felt conversational in parts and there were lots of anecdotes supporting the authors views, opinions and advice.’

‘Christel’s book shows how to best navigate a difficult, sometimes challenging situation, into a manageable meaningful one, that has long term benefits for you and those closest to you! A must read!’

‘A captivating read delivered beautifully focusing on the power of letting go.’

Jo Painter – Good Enough


‘I particularly loved the Client Stories and the Self-Coaching Activities at the end of each chapter which allowed you to delve much deeper. I’d definitely recommend!’

‘A good read that adds perspective to many situations encountered by women in the workplace…and outside of the workplace too. Great practical advice.’

‘I highly recommend this book.’