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D. Lawrence-Young – Wicked Women Of Yore: Were They Really Wicked?


Release date 13/12/22

“I found this book an enticing read, filled with facts and interesting commentary that remained unbiased. The images within were also a nice surprise that added faces to the names of the women in question.”

“I really enjoyed getting to read biographies about women I knew and some I didn’t.”

“I love true crime and so I was keen to read and review this book and it didn’t disappoint.”

Mike Read – A Thousand Years of A London Street: Denmark Street


Released on 25th June 2019

‘Excellent book throughouly recommended.’

‘A remarkably interesting and excellently researched book. A real joy to read, it is well-written and brings the history of Denmark Street to life in a wonderfully enjoyable read.’

‘Once you’ve started it, you’re not going to want to stop until you reach the end and have to!’