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Joan Lewis – Because You Were There


Release date 25/04/23

‘A wonderfully enjoyable read, a novel driven by a finely paced plot and peopled by engaging characters.’

‘Well written, well constructed, an interesting and convincing cast of characters and a plot that draws the reader in.’

‘The story has a light touch with very believable and sometimes humorous characters.’

L J Jenner – The Wrong Story


Release date 23/5/23

‘The writing creates a rich world for you through Maggie’s eyes. The blur between reality and interpretation leaves you with questions.’

‘Very interesting seeing from psychotherapist’s viewpoint. Total page turner and much enjoyed.’

‘I found The Wrong Story so illuminating and powerful that I binge read it – twice! It talks to the human condition, the tangled web inside our heads that can be both relieved and illuminated through therapy.’