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Sam Catling – Seems Like Smooth Sailing


‘This book is a fun filled memoir of the author in which he has written his adventures about the highs and lows of working on a cruiseship as an entertainer.’

‘It’s definitely not a typical type of memoir, if you are looking for something amazing, interesting with a pop of life and colors, it’s a must read.’

‘It’s a feel good, fresh story and once you start reading this book there is no way you’re going to put it down easily.’

Shaun Wallace – Chasing the Dream


‘An excellent read. I highly recommend Shaun’s autobiography and loved his writing style.’

‘Shauns story is one that inspires. Seeing him on the chase gives the impression of someone who has arrived but to know the struggle behind the success is truly inspiring.‘

‘It was a riveting story from beginning to end in the life of a barrister and a quiz master. Highly recommend that people read it.’